Kings of SoCal Showcase presented by Jordan Brand

 Photo by Kay Cee

 Photo by Kay Cee

Of course, CP3 himself was present in the festivities.

Of course, CP3 himself was present in the festivities.

World Class trainer, Taylor Cunningham showcasing the new CP3 IX

World Class trainer, Taylor Cunningham showcasing the new CP3 IX

Photo by Kay Cee

Photo by Kay Cee

Jordan Brand recently held a crazy outdoor basketball experience celebrating the recent Chris Paul signature shoe. The CP3 IX. Located in the Santa Monica Pier, the event hosted the top high school basketball players from Los Angeles, The Valley, The Inland Empire, and the Orange County.


Basketball Skills Specialize Julius Von Hanzlik, Cody Riley, Miles James, Spencer Freedman, and Ethan Thompson.

Basketball Skills Specialize Julius Von Hanzlik, Cody Riley, Miles James, Spencer Freedman, and Ethan Thompson.



                photo via @taylor_lc_

                photo via @taylor_lc_

           Devearl Ramsey, Cody Riley, and Remy Martin. Three of the top players in California.

           Devearl Ramsey, Cody Riley, and Remy Martin. Three of the top players in California.

photo via @jumpman23

photo via @jumpman23

#MYFAVORITEKICKS : Cole Micek ( SoleClinics PH )

Since moving from Southern California, Cole has emerged into an elite guard in the Philippines. Future looks real bright for the Ateneo Blue Eagles with Cole leading the way for years to come.  He shares his favorite sneakers in our latest #MYFAVORITEKICKS

"Favorite kicks have got to be Jordan 12s. They're unbelievably comfortable to play in and I also love wearing them off the court. I hooped in my Flu games until they fell apart."


Kyle has emerged into an Elite guard in the past few years. His ability to get everyone involve is superb and looks like Tony Bennett will be at ease with Kyle leading the way at Virginia next year. Guy's outside shot is deadly, testing the defense in every possession. Kyle breaks down his favorite sneakers of all time in our latest #MYFAVORITEKICKS

"My favorite shoe is the Jordan 11 because it's comfortable and it always looks the cleanest. Got the fresh look about it and color ways are dope!"

                Kyle showcasing his Custom Virginia Theme Air Jordan XI's 

                Kyle showcasing his Custom Virginia Theme Air Jordan XI's 

#MYFAVORITEKICKS : Stephen Zimmerman

One of the top incoming freshman in college basketball, Invader Zimm is known for  his elite skill set. Standing at 7ft tall, Zimm is ready to lead UNLV to a historic year. Off the court, Zimm is known for his love for sneakers. He shares his favorite sneakers in an installment of #MYFAVORITEKICKS

"I would say my favorite pair of shoes are the Jordan 4s because they were my actual first pair of Jordan's and they were so comfortable so I wore the heck out of them."

photo :

photo :

#MYFAVORITEKICKS : Terrance Ferguson

photo :

photo :

Terrance is easily one of the top elite players in the nation and arguably the best dunker in high school basketball today. He shares his favorite sneakers in our latest installment of #MYFAVORITEKICKS ! 


photo :

photo :

"My Favorite pair of shoes has to be the Bred 11's... It was the first pair of Jordan's I've ever had. Also the comfortability of the shoe makes it even better, especially for hoopers who like to bring Heat to the court"



Terrance plays for Advanced Prep International in Dallas, Texas and is committed to the University of Alabama. 


Camping for sneakers has always been an interesting topic of mine. Sometimes I'm intrigued by the campers rather than the sneakers being released. Thus, inspired to start CAMPING CHRONICLES where we met these camping warriors who are willing to spend hours, days, even a full week outside to be the first to purchase a pair. Last week, we were in Chicago for the Station 23 grand opening and caught up with three of the best in the game, Justin Reed, Joseph Pagan, and our dear friend, Steven aka FabesSoles.

EJ - How long have you been in the culture and what is your favorite sneaker of all time ?

Steven - 15 years in the culture

fav sneaker - Bred I, Black Cement 3s

Joseph - 8 years

fav sneaker - French blue 12, raging bull Vs

Justin-  10-12 years

fav sneaker - white cements/ true cement

EJ - What are you looking to cop at Station 23

ALL THREE  - Fragments, CHICAGO XX3, Don C 2's, OVO X's

EJ - Give us your top 3 camping tips


  • Dress warm

  • Pack Wet Wipes

  • Pack Water and Snacks

EJ -  Craziest Camping Experience?


Bin 9 at Willowbrook Mall

Camped for 3 days, made the list. It was all good until the day of, Chaos happen. Secrurity opened the wrong door and craziness. Im talking about a stampede, broken walls, all that.

Got the shoes though.  

Justin - 

Recently, the Back the Future Hype - Camping at Mercer in New York. Morning til Night, with no results, only to find out it will release in 2016. 

EJ - Worst Experience?


" Bred XI, too many people, Mall security didn't handle the situation appropriately. Whole system of the mall was unorganized and poorly planned. Also, Camping outside during a blizzard is never fun. "

Justin and Joseph -

" Easy, Any campouts during the Winter. ESPECIALLY SYRACUSE WEATHER "

EJ - What is one shoe you camped out for and didn't get? 

Steven -

" WHAT THE KOBE 7s. store only had 10 pairs. Spent 14 hours in line. Number 8 in line and didnt get it for some reason, go figure "

Joseph -


Justin -

" Fragments at 21 Mercer, Cops shut it up "

EJ -  If you were in the position to change the current process of purchasing sneakers, what would you do? 


" I mean its kind of the toss you make more shoes you kinda water down your brand, if everyone has em.

Back then not everyone, now everyone has Air Jordans.

They have been answering, though

In this culture of the shoe game, people want whats not available, what people cannot get.

Can’t say if they are doing right or wrong

I want what I want. 

If its not wear, but not hot.

Would the DB4 or Yeezys be fresh and a few of the most sought after shoes if they weren't limited?

I would like em to be readily available so i can trash a pair and grab another

So i can have 10 pairs in my life. Simple

Love how they are pushing back to quality, 



Joseph -

" I would have more confidence in the sneakers id produce. they didnt even pay YE for the product till later. 

Have more confidence in the sneakers that do sell rather not sell.

Mass produce whats hot, limit whats not. 

Justin-  " I really like what brands like KITH is doing. Crazy dope ideas to drop products. 

( example the recent UBER integration with product ) 

Making sneakers more meaningful and with a story ( memory ) 

Unique and Surprise and random drops ( which JB did ) 

Steven - @_FabesSoles_

Justin - @JustinReed

Air Jordan XII Doernbecher designed by Mark Smith

As we await the November 21 release of Nike’s 2015 Doernbecher Freestyle Collection, the Oregon-based sportswear brand has donated a dozen exclusive Jordan 12s to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Designed by Mark Smith, each of the one-of-a-kind sneakers features Smith’s personal application of original Tinker Hatfield sketches. Each special edition sneaker will be presented in a box printed with Tinker’s initial design elements, and individually autographed by both Mark and Tinker.

The hospital will auction the 12 pairs via a series of sales with all proceeds benefitting the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Bidding for the first pair begins on October 23, as part of the annual OHSU Doernbecher Collection reveal and auction. Starting October 24, the remaining 11 pairs will be auctioned by OHSU Doernbecher on eBay.

The #DBDozen eBay auction schedule is as follows:
• Pair 2 – begins Oct. 24
• Pair 3 – begins Oct. 27
• Pair 4 – begins Oct. 30
• Pair 5 – begins Nov. 2
• Pair 6 – begins Nov. 5
• Pair 7 – begins Nov. 8
• Pair 8 – begins Nov. 11
• Pair 9 – begins Nov. 14
• Pair 10 – begins Nov. 17

One-day auctions
• Pair 11 – begins Nov. 20
• Pair 12 – begins Nov. 20


Nike Tournament of Champions 2015 in Brooklyn

Consumers witnessed the transformation of the Barclays Center Plaza into an outdoor basketball arena, equipped with a premium hardwood court that personifies New York’s basketball renaissance. Prior to stopping by the court and greeting fans, KD surprised local students at the Brooklyn Museum’s “Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibit where he dropped off a pair of his own KD8s for the gallery.

#INSIDELOOK Nike Air Max Box 3/26

We had to pleasure of checking out one of the most innovative spaces in footwear today,

The Nike Air Max Box.

The event scaling the whole block in Little Tokyo attracted plenty of Air Max enthusiasts and was definitely an Eye catcher from those driving around town.

The inside of the complex featured the iconic history of the Nike Air Max Line. From the original Air Max 1 all the way to the newly introduced Air Max Zero. Sample sketches of previous models and Original advertising were also featured, including the infamous renders of the Air Max 95s.

Surrounding the capsule featured complimentary Cleaning Servicing by the Jason Markk crew.

The Nike Air Max Box is located on 735 E. 3rd Street in Los Angeles, California.

Thank You to the great folks at Nike for having us over!

Nike SNKRS Presents Air Max Box

Nike SNKRS Presents Air Max Box

The ultimate destination to experience and shop the Air Max Zero lands in Los Angeles on March 26 and will be open until March 28th. Located at 735 E. 3rd St. (Corner of E. 3rd St. and Traction Ave.), the Air Max Box will feature exclusive Nike Air Max footwear for sale.   

Don’t forget to wear your air to unlock additional Nike Member Services on-site 

Where: 735 E. 3rd St (Corner of E. 3rd & Traction Ave.)

Dates: The Air Max Box will be open for three days (March 26, 27 & 28) — Consumers can sign up all three days, but will only get access once a day


March 26 – 11am – 4:30pm & 8:00pm-9:30pm

March 27 — 11am – 6:00pm

March 28 — 12pm – 6:00pm 

How To Register: (Direct Link:


The Instapump Fury had a huge year in 2014 as it celebrated its 20th anniversary with a sprawling variety of enticing releases featuring countless different color and material concepts. We may be into a new year now, but Reebok is still keeping the party going with even more versions of the beloved model still on the way. The “Athletic 90’s Pack” takes its design cues from the vibrant colors and sporty style of the decade that the Instapump Fury was born into. Inspired by the past, but right at home today, three new colorways featuring fresh colorful looks done up in textile uppers are available now at select global Reebok retailers for $160/€165.

PUMA x Meek Mill Patent Pack

Following their successful 24 K White Gold collection in January, PUMA has once again teamed up with Meek Mill to release the exclusive PUMA x Meek Mill Patent Pack consisting of two styles: a low profile Basket Classic  and a new mid style called the Challenge.  Both are done up in a black all-over patent.  The Basket has a red color up on the mid sole and a texture embossed formstripe.  The Challenge has a silver color up on the midsole and silver details on the lacing system.  The Challenge takes some design cues from PUMA’s iconic GV special with a similar mid sole and perforated toe but adds a sleek cushioned collar.  

The PUMA x Meek Mill Patent Basket drops Saturday 3/21 and the Patent Challenge drops in April.  Both will be available at The PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker, select Villa locations, and Shiekh shoes. 

GREATS | Royale High | Black and White Pack

Greats continues to elevate on their classic Royale silouhette by introducing the new Royale High. The luxurious high top marries old world craftsmanship with new world distribution.

The shoe's journey starts in Civitanova, Italy when handsome Margom soles are mated with smooth uppers lined with full-grain calfskin leather.

Thanks to the calfskin lining and plush foot bed, the Royale High is comfortable with or without socks. Italian waxed cotton laces provide a rugged edge.

Its pure sport style with an upscale vibe.

Greats Royale High | Black + White Pack

Product Imagery |

Available | March 14, 2015

Price | $179

Colors | Triple Black and Blanco

#OneonOne TheShoeSurgeon x John Geiger "Misplaced Checks"

Ej Ferrer recently caught up with Dominic Chambrone aka The Shoe Surgeon and went in depth with his latest project with John Geiger theat "broke the internets", The Nike Air Force I High "Misplaced Checks"

I caught up with one of the best in the game, Dominic Chambrone aka TheShoeSurgeon and wanted to get more in detail of his latest project with John Geiger that "broke the internets"
The Nike Air Force I High "Misplaced Checks"

EJ - How'd the idea of the project came about?

DC- John had this idea for years to put "misplaced checks" on a ad1 high so I happily made it a reality

EJ - How is it working with an individual like John Geiger?

DC- Working with john was great, he's crazy and doesn't care what people think. Matter of fact if it wasn't for john I don't think there would ever be the whole python Jordan epidemic.

EJ - You have done a lot of impressive projects beyond this, what separates this project from the rest and also what are some of your favorites?

DC- This one was dope BC I made like 25 pairs at once.. So it was more of a risk if they didn't sell I wouldn't have been paid.. But I knew that wouldn't be the problem...

EJ - favorite sneakers?

DC- My favorites : supra skytop 3 with a vibram boot sole and Pendelton I made for the skytop 3 release years ago chad Muska loved them..

EJ - Custom sneakers is becoming a culture of its own. How do you feel about it now?

DC - It's cool.. People aren't in it for the right reasons but that's life...

EJ- Tell us an early memory of your love for sneakers.

DC- Man dada sneakers I sharpied in Orange in middleschool. Then getting jordans early in Highschool and going to footlocker with them on just to turn heads haha

EJ- What are some of your favorite sneakers/shoes?

DC- I like super highfashion shit as well as just the art of shoe making . Of course nike flyknits free 4.0 are so damn comfortable been wearing them for like 5 months straight

EJ - Looking into the future, what are some goals you have in mind?

DC- Just to keep pushing the craft and being ahead of the game.. I'm making a move that will change the game even more..

EJ- Any advice you want to share with those individuals that aspire to be successful?

DC- Yea don't call customizing "the trap"
And do what makes you happy not what everyone else is doing

Thx ej

GREATS Royale Chukka

Continuing with the strong heritage of the Royale collection, Greats introduces the Royale Chukka silhouette.

The shoe's journey starts in Civitanova, Italy (known in the trade as "shoe valley"), when handsome Margom soles are mated with luxurious uppers made with full-grain premium Italian suede.

Thanks to the Vachetta calfskin lining and plush footbed, the Royale Chukka is comfortable with or without socks. Waxed laces provide a rugged edge. Donning Greats signature double bar tack, the Royale Chukka is yet another example of the brands strong foundation of quality, craft and minimal yet impactful design.

The midheight cut goes from casual to formal in the blink of an eye.

# # #

GREATS Royale Chukka

Available | March 7, 2015

Price | $169

Colors | Cadet, Graphite and Ox Blood

Vans Original Van Doren Collection

Vans Classics Presents the Spring 2015 Van Doren Collection Featuring Hoffman Fabrics

Each season Vans presents the Van Doren Collection as a tribute to the brand’s founding family with a reissued set of vintage patterns that tie back to its early years of sneaker design. For spring 2015, Vans designers went through the ‘80s print archives to find a range of brightly colored and patterned footwear that were representative of youth culture from that time. To capture the essence of the era, Vans sourced textiles and printed swatches from an old friend and fabric supplier, Hoffman Fabrics, to showcase the latest installment of the Van Doren Collection. Spread over a four-piece footwear assortment, the Van Doren Collection revives vivid retro motifs such as the Tropic Rays, ‘80s Lips, Marble and Sea Creatures imagery on the uppers of iconic Vans silhouettes such as the Sk8-Hi Reissue, Era and Classic Slip-On. The Van Doren Collection retails from $55 to $65 USD and is available now at key Vans stockists.